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   Welcome to AONet, a website that provides high-quality support for arbitrage activity and Arbitrageur™ users. AONet is designed exclusively to provide information that traders can take advantage of. We provide range of useful tools, which allow users the ability to exploit potential of arbitrage trading. Our primary motivation is all about working together to accelerate the growth of the arbitrage trader's ecosystem, and we accomplish this, also by adding more social functionality to the AONet website. We promise a network experience and personalized service unlike any before. And with this first-of-its-kind offer, we’re standing by that promise.

   One of AONet's exceptional features is the AOFeed ( Arbitrage Opportunity Feed ). AOFeed is published with 15 minutes delay. ( excluding weekends and holidays ). It consists of price discrepancies data provided by many Arbitrageur™ platforms around the world. Data come from the wide ( and unlimited ) spectrum of real MetaTrader 4 accounts. Access to delayed AOFeed is FREE for all users.


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