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Arbitrage Opportunity Data
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About AO Data

Arbitrage opportunity data come from real accounts only, with 15 minutes delay.

Real time arbitrage opportunity data are available in full versions of Arbitrageur™.


How to use

   Just leave the page open and sooner or later you will see arbitrage opportunities broadcasted by working Arbitrageur™ programs connected to Forex brokers- real accounts. Be patient, price discrepancies appear tenths or even hundreds times each hour. (Please note: Forex market is closed during weekends)

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NOTE: Java (from Oracle Corporation) must be installed on your computer and enabled in your browser. How do I manually download and install Java for my Windows computer?

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   If you like our free arbitrage opportunity data, please visit/like Facebook page of the program which detects and broadcasts all the opportunities. You will also find there more documented AO Data. Thanks!

Recent Examples
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